Answered By: Ann Cannon
Last Updated: Mar 08, 2016     Views: 15

To narrow your search, you'll need to "zoom in" on your topic.   Just as placing an object under a microscope reveals detail that's not visible to the naked eye...narrowing your topic will help you identify more specific concepts and keywords.  Your search results will be more focused.

  • Just as you did when you chose your keywords,  identify each of the major concepts in your topic.
  • For each concept, make a list of specific examples or types.
    • It may help to first consult a thesaurus, or do a test search to find synonyms (other ways to describe your concepts) and examples.
    • If you can't find a more specific example of one of your concepts...don't worry.  Just get as narrow as you can.
  • Search for those more specific concepts, zooming in even further if needed!

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